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=== Information in English ===
Type: Rough terrain crane
Lifting capacity: 60.000 kg
CE mark: yes
General condition: very good
Technical condition: very good
Visual appearance: very good

=== Informationen auf Deutsch ===
Typ: Geländekran
Hubkapazität: 60.000 kg
CE-Kennzeichnung: ja
Allgemeiner Zustand: sehr gut
Technischer Zustand: sehr gut
Optischer Zustand: sehr gut

=== Informatie in het Nederlands ===
Maximum rated lifting capacity 60 metric tons x 2,5 m
Boom length
11,18 m - 35,48 m (4 sections telescopic boom)
Maximum lifting height 35 m
Boom derricking angle -1,6° + 80°
Boom derricking time 37 sec
Boom extending time 11,18 m - 35,48 m / 70 s
Hoisting line speed (wich up) 92 m/min (in 4a linea) / 92 m/min (on the 4th layer) / 92 m/min
Hoisting hook speed (winch up)
Slewing speed 0,9 min -1
Hoisting Ropes
Anting rotating rope (right lang lay)
Diameter 16 mm
Length 180 m
Hidraulic System
Oil Pump
1 fixed displacement axial piston pump + 5 gear pumps for crane service
Hoisting motor
Fixed displacment hydraulic motor axial plunger type
Double acting type
Two way, pilot line
Standard equipment
Hydraulic oil cooler
Oil reservoir capacity
Volumen 480 l
Argano / Winch System
Driven by axial plunger type hoisting motor through built-in gear reduction, equipped with hydraulic plote Safety system
Standard safety devices including: over hoist and over lowering limit swiches, ock valves on all hydraulic cylinder, safe load moment indicator, over pressure, counter balance valve, area encoder for
pick and carry operations
Carrier specifications
Drive system 4 x 2 / 4 x 4
Maximum travelling speed 35 km/h
Gradeability 40 %
Minimum turning radius (center of extreme outer tire)
5,8 m (4 wheels steer) - 10,3 m (2 wheels steer)
Datos generales
Overall length 12749 mm
Overall width 2550 mm
Overall height 3332 mm
Wheel base 3797 mm
Front tread 2088 mm
Front tread 2088 mm
Center to center of extended outriggers 6000 mm / 4200 mm (50%)
Gross vehicle weight: 34,7 ton
Front: 15 ton - Rear: 19,7 ton

we have 2 unused 60 tons manotti in stock with ce ready to go

Type: Ruw-terreinkraan
Hefcapaciteit: 60.000 kg
CE markering: ja
Algemene staat: zeer goed
Technische staat: zeer goed
Optische staat: zeer goed
Poids à vide : 37500kg,
Puissance : 175kW,
Référence parc : 1788476,
Poids à vide : 37500kg,
Puissance : 175kW,
Locomotion : Sur pneus,
Nombre d'heures du moteur : 30,
Poids : 37.5kg,
Type d'intérieur : Autre,
Type de pneus : Simples,
Type de Traction : Sur pneusAddress :
Buskesdries 14
Andelst - 6673dp

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