Echipamente pentru construcţii
Rotary Brush Mower / Rotary Cutter / Rotary Brush Cutter / Brush Clearing Cutter / Brushcutter / Loader Rotary Brush Cutter / Loader Brush Cutter/ Wheel Loader Rotary Brush Cutter / Front Loader Rotary Brushcutter / Skid Steer Loader Rotary Brush Clearing Cutter

Functions and Applications:
These Loader Rotary Brush Cutters utilize the auxiliary hydraulics on your loader and are ideal for clearing brush, mulching trees, vegetation, saplings, smaller trees, scrub and thickets. They are also great for land reclamation, home site clearing, utlity and railroad right-of-way clearing, timber stand improvement, brush mowing, landscaping purposes, underbrush removal and vegetation management.
Hoses and Couplers;
Lift Limit Chain;
Quick and Secure Hookup;
Universal: can be used on both wheel loader and skid steer loader.
Generally the size of the Loader Rotary Brush Cutter is made according to the size of the wheel loader or skid steer loader, including Mower Weight, Cutting Width, Cutting Capacity, Cutting Height and Number of Blades. However, any sizes and capacities are available upon request.
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