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Caracteristici - Incarcator pe roti Dragon Machinery Dragon635 noua

Încărcătoare Incarcator pe roti
Informaţii principale
Ref. client: 20140319dragon6
Ref. website: 977489
Caroserie Incarcator pe roti
Marcă Dragon Machinery
Model Dragon635
Stare nou
An 01/01/2014
  • Cupă
  • Furci
  • Cupă burghiu
  • Cupă terasare
Număr de cupe2
Specificaţii cupe1.2-3.0 CBM
Tip de anvelopeDinţate
Stare şi dimensiuni anvelopeBrand New Tyres 17.5-25-20PR
Echipament Incarcator Dragon Machinery
  • Sistem antitangaj
  • Lamă Faţă
Tip cuplă rapidăHidraulic
Informaţii suplimentare Dragon Machinery Dragon635
Informaţii motorVertical, In-line, Water Cooling, Four-Stroke, Naturally Aspirated YUCHAI YC6B125-T21 Diesel Engine
Echipament cabină
  • Radio auto
  • Avertizor marşarier
  • Climatizare
  • Scaun cu suspensie pneumatică
Caracteristici Dragon Machinery Dragon635
Putere125 CP
Masă10.2 Tone
Marca motorului-
Gama motorului-
Puterea motorului-
Norma Stage-
Norma Tier-
Echipament Incarcator Dragon Machinery
  • Circuit hidraulic auxiliar
  • Lubrifiere centralizată
  • Gheară
  • Girofar
  • Echipament de paletizare
  • Cleşte ridicat buşteni
  • Suport scule
  • Burghiu
3000kg compact loader, 3000kg front end loader, 3000kg rock bucket loader, 3000kg mining front loader, CE approved 3.0T front wheel loader, CE certified 3.0 ton front end wheel loader, 3.0 ton wheel loader with CE mark, CE front loader with 3.0T capacity, CE front end loader with 3.0 ton capacity, CE medium wheel loader with 3000kg capacity, 3.0T wheel loader, 3.0ton wheel loader, 3.0 ton wheel loader, 3.0T compact wheel loader, 3000kg loaders, mining wheel loaders, new wheel loader, 4WD wheel loader, 3.0T shovel loader, 3.0 ton rock bucket loader, 3.0T capacity mining loader, 3.0Ton front end loader, 3.0 Ton front loader with shovel bucket, 3.0 T mining front loader, 3000kg front loader, 3.0T CE wheel loader, 3.0T front wheel loader, 3.0 Ton front loader, 3.0 Ton medium loader, 3.0 Ton medium-sized loader, 3.0 Ton compact loader, 3000kg shovel loader, 3000kg mining loader

1. Full-View Cab with Stylish Appearance. Good sealing system and shock absorption system together with the luxurious suspension seat provides the driver with a comfortable operating environment. ROPS, FOPS and AC are Optional.
2. High Performance Diesel Engine. YUCHAI YC6B125-T21 diesel engine is powerful, fuel efficient, low noise engine and has very reliable performance.
3. Counter-Shaft Power Shift Transmission. This loader is equipped with counter-shaft power shift gearbox with the feature of reliable performance, high transmission efficiency and easy maintenance.
4. New Reinforced Drive Axles. This loader is equipped with new reinforced drive axles with large loading capacity and higher reliability. The load distribution on the front and rear axle is reasonable to assure the stability of the whole machine.
5. Optimized Hydraulic Steering System. This load is equipped with load sensing hydraulic steering system to make its operating more simple and flexible and its performance more reliable.
6. Articulated Frame. This loader adopts the articulated frame to make it have flexible steering, good trafficability, large loading capacity and good stability.

Dragon Loader Model Dragon635
Main Technical Specifications:
1. Rated Load: 3000kg
2. Total Weight: 10200kg
3. Rated Bucket Capacity: 1.8CBM
4. Max. Tractive Force: >= 96kN
5. Max. Breakout Force: >= 96kN
6. Max. Gradeability: 30Deg.
7. Max. Dumping Height: 2950mm
8. Max. Dumping Reach: 1050mm
9. Total Cycle Time:
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