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Caracteristici - Incarcator pe roti Dragon Machinery ZL18F noua

Încărcătoare Incarcator pe roti
Informaţii principale
Ref. client: 81295100
Ref. website: 1129207
Caroserie Incarcator pe roti
Marcă Dragon Machinery
Model ZL18F
Stare nou
An 01/01/2019
Caracteristici Dragon Machinery ZL18F
Putere64 CP
Masă5.65 Tone
Marca motorului-
Gama motorului-
Puterea motorului-
Norma Stage-
Norma Tier-
Echipament Incarcator Dragon Machinery
  • Gheară
  • Girofar
  • Echipament de paletizare
  • Cleşte ridicat buşteni
  • Burghiu
Caracteristici Dragon Machinery ZL18F
Număr de ore5 ore
  • Cupă
  • Furci
  • Cupă burghiu
Număr de cupe1
Specificaţii cupeRated Bucket Capacity: 0.85CBM Bucket Width: 1900mm
Tip de anvelopeDinţate
Stare şi dimensiuni anvelopeBrand New Pneumatic Tyres Tyre Type Specification: 16/70-20-16PR Front Tyre Pressure: 0.40Mpa Rear Tyre Pressure: 0.35Mpa
Echipament Incarcator Dragon Machinery
Tip cuplă rapidăHidraulic
Informaţii suplimentare Dragon Machinery ZL18F
Informaţii motorEngine Model: WEICHAIHUAFENG ZHBG41 14. Engine Type: Four-cylinder, Inline, Water-cooled Evaporative, Four-stroke Diesel Engine Rated Engine Power: 47kW Rated Engine Speed: 2400rpm Min. Fuel Consumption Rate: 258.4g/kW.h
Echipament cabină
  • Radio auto
  • Avertizor marşarier
  • Climatizare
  • Scaun cu suspensie pneumatică
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1.8 ton capacity small front loader with enclosed tilt cabin, adjustable suspension seat, digital radio & MP3 player, reversing camera, top beacon, hydraulic joystick control, and hydraulic quick hitch

Hydraulic Wheel Loader ZL18F
Technical Specifications
1. Rated Load: 1800kg
2. Operating Weight: 5650kg
3. Rated Bucket Capacity: 0.85CBM
4. Bucket Width: 1900mm
5. Max. Breakout Force: 45KN
6. Max. Tilt Angle of Cabin: 30deg.
7. Max. Dumping Height: 2800mm
8. Max. Dumping Reach: 1050mm
9. Raising Time: < 5.0s
10. Min. Ground Clearance: 350mm
11. Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 5600x1950x2750mm
12. Min. Turning Radius: 4600mm
14. Engine Type: Four-cylinder, Inline, Water-cooled Evaporative, Four-stroke Diesel Engine
15. Rated Engine Power: 47kW
16. Rated Engine Speed: 2400rpm
17. Min. Fuel Consumption Rate: 258.4g/kW.h
18. Transmission Mode: ZL280 Integrated/Split Hydraulic Torque Converter
19. Gear Shift: 1 Forward, 1 Reverse, 1 High Speed, 1 Low Speed
20. Max. Speed: 25km/h
21. Mode of Axle: ZL16 Hub Reduction Drive Axle
22. Wheel Tread: 1500mm
23. Wheel Base: 2150mm
24. Drive Mode: 4-wheel Drive
25. Hydraulic System Working Pressure: 20Mpa
26. Hydraulic System Working Pump Type: Gear Pump
27. Service Brake: Foot Pedal Vacuum Booster, Air over Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brake on 4 Wheels
28. Parking Brake: Hand Lever Flexible Shaft Controlled Disc Brake
29. Tyre Type Specification: 16/70-20-16PR
30. Front Tyre Pressure: 0.40Mpa
31. Rear Tyre Pressure: 0.35Mpa

1. All photos are for reference only.
2. Machines shown may include optional parts.
3. All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice
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