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  • Slope hydraulic

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Field of application: Construction
General condition: very good
Technical condition: very good
Visual appearance: very good
Please contact Sales Department (+31 40 2532 245, +31 612072587, ) for more information
Transport dimensions (LxWxH): 6.2 x 2.5

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  • Hang Hydraulik

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Verwendungszweck: Bauwesen
Allgemeiner Zustand: sehr gut
Technischer Zustand: sehr gut
Optischer Zustand: sehr gut
Wenden Sie sich an Sales Department (+31 40 2532 245, +31 612072587, ), um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.
Transportabmessungen (L x B x H): 6.2 x 2.5

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  • Hamerfunctie


New Holland B80B
4/1 bucket + Hammer
Year 2019
Reference number Hammer

Type B80B
Location Veldhoven, Netherlands

Description Available at Boss Machinery! This used New Holland B80B Backhoe from 2019 has an engine power of 72 kW and counts 0 operational hours. The total weight of this New Holland B80B is 8110 kg and the dimensions are 6.20 x 2.50 x 3.75 (without hammer) (cab height 2.90). Furthermore, this B80B is equipped with Extra hydraulic function, Hammer function. Do you want more information or do you want to try the New Holland B80B at our yard? Please let us know.

Weight 8110
L*W*H 6.20 x 2.50 x 3.75 (without hammer) (cab height 2.90)

Technical Information
Drive configurations 4 x 4

Engine information
Engine brand FPT
Engine model 8045.45
Cylinders 6
Capacity in kW 72

100%100% 12.5-18
100%100% 16.9-28

Extra hydraulic function
Hammer function

Meer informatie

Toepassingsgebied: Bouw
Algemene staat: zeer goed
Technische staat: zeer goed
Optische staat: zeer goed
Neem voor meer informatie contact op met Sales Department (+31 40 2532 245, +31 612072587, )
Afmetingen (LxBxH) (m): 6.2 x 2.5

Poids à vide : 8110kg,
Référence parc : CA776B6C,
Poids à vide : 8110kg,
Nombre d'heures du moteur : 5,
Poids : 8.11kg,
Type d'intérieur : Autre,
Type de pneus : Simples,
Marque du moteur : FPT 8045.45,
Puissance du moteur : 72kW
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